May 2015 Meeting

The Gemmer Family Foundation met on May 31, 2015, on our usual weekend after Memorial Day. We voted on grants from 16 organizations. Each should have received a letter of decision by now. Our next meeting will be November 21, so start working on those proposals! They're due October 1. Enjoy your summer!

November 2014 meeting

The H. C. Gemmer Family Foundation met on November 22, the usual Saturday before Thanksgiving. The meeting was preceded by a visit from Carey Craig of OBAT Helpers, who was invited to share information about his charity, since it had received funding from our organization previously. He spoke and showed us this video. Be sure to submit your proposals for the spring meeting before May 1!

May 2014 Meeting

The Gemmer Foundation's board of directors met at their usual place in Robin Run Retirement Living on the afternoon of May 31. There, some new members were welcomed, and all of the members voted on grant proposals from 14 organizations. Those who were approved should have received their awards by this time. The next meeting will be the Saturday before Thanksgiving in November 2014. Make sure to have your proposals submitted by the beginning of October!

November 2013 meeting

The Board of Directors met at Robin Run Retirement Living on the afternoon of Saturday, November 23. We voted on 16 proposals, and approved funds for most of them. Grant award letters have been sent to those who will receive our support this half of the year. The next meeting is going to be May 31, 2014. Make sure to submit your proposals by May 1 for consideration at that meeting. Any proposals submitted after that date will not be considered until November, if at all. We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

June 1 Meeting


The Foundation met on Saturday, June 1 at the Indiana Interchurch Center. First was a rededication ceremony for the newly restored Gemmer-Hartman Peace Pylon in front of the building. It had been deteriorating since its erection in 1975. A grant from the Gemmer Foundation was sought by the Center a year ago and approved for its restoration. During the ceremony, board members Worth Hartman, David Gemmer, Annabel Hartman, Eric Brotheridge, and friend Walter Horlander spoke. Following that was a luncheon inside, where past grantees and tenants of the Interchurch Center presented their stories and thanks for the Center & the Foundation. Afterward, the Foundation's board members voted on granting money to 15 proposals. The next meeting will be on November 23. Make sure to submit your proposals by October.